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Aico EI144RC Easi-Fit Heat Alarm

SKU: Ei144RC
  • Mains Power with 9V Alkaline battery back-up
  • Responds to heat build-up from large flaming fires
  • Heat sensor triggers when a temperature of 58°C is reached
  • Easi-fit base for quick and simple installation
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee (registration Required, T&Cs apply)
  • Power-on Light

£35.99 INC VAT

£35.99 INC VAT

Aicos Ei144RC, is part of the 140RC series. A mains powered alarm with a 9V Alkaline battery back-up.   With a thermistor that triggers when the temperature of 58ºC is reached.

Heat alarms detect large fast flaming fires, commonly caused by kitchen fires. Therefore ideal for a kitchen and also a garage.

The Heat alarm will react to the heat in the Kitchen or Garage rather than smoke, making it more resistant to fumes, such as burnt toast and therefore less likely to false alarm.

Easi-fit base included, making it quick and simple to install.

140RC alarm’s interconnect in two ways:

  • Hard wire connection
  • For less mess and disruption by RadioLink (EI168RC). Please refer to ‘you may also need’.

Different alarms sensors work best at detecting different types of fire. Therefore hould be sited in appropriate rooms.

Alarm contains a 9V Alkaline battery back up, this battery will need changing over the course of it’s ten year life





Product Code


Operating Voltage

230V AC, Hz

Battery Backup

9V Alkaline Replaceable


150mm dia x 60mm

Operating Temperature

0° TO 40°C

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Instruction Sheet Download


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