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Consumer Unit 6 Way With 63A RCD Hager

  • 63A RCD
  • Full meatal DIN rail included
  • Comes with top, bottom and rear knockouts
  • Conforms to BS EN 61439-3

£66.43 INC VAT

£66.43 INC VAT

Hagers VML406AH, is part of their ‘Design 10’ consumer units. A 6 way board, it comes with a 63A RCD plus top, bottom and rear  knockouts.

Ideal for use in garages, out house, small work shop and sheds.

Design 10 is the board for all applications. As with all models in the range, there is ample cable space available even when RCBOs are fitted. The top mounted terminal rail makes the wiring of the neutral and earth connections neat and simple. Multiple fixing points are available to ease installation and a full metal DIN rail ensure the devices sit square. Available in surface and flush.

Conforms to BS EN 61439-3

Functional, stylish, and innovative, Hagers Design Range of consumer units provide an exceptional option for any home.

A Consumer Unit is the most important electrical device in any building. It protects electrical appliances from damage and more importantly, people from electrical shock.



Product Code


Rated Current


Modules Number



W 225mm, H 245mm, D 98.2mm

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