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MCB 6A 6KA Hager

  • 6A
  • Single Pole B Curve
  • Voltage rating 230V
  • Conforms to BS EN 60898

£3.17 INC VAT

£3.17 INC VAT

Hagers, MTN106, is a 6A, single pole, B curve, kA MCB. To be used for protection and control of circuits against overloads and short circuits. For use in domestic installations

To be used with Hager consumer boards, please refer to ‘you may also need’

Miniature circuit breaker is a device that protects electric circuits from a fault caused by overload or a short circuit, (over-current). When a fault is detected the MCB will trip the switch to off, breaking the electrical connection and protecting the rest of the circuit.

For protection against ‘earth leakage’ and to protect humans from electric shock you will need RCD’s or RCBO’s.

Conforms to BS EN 60898

A Consumer Board is the most important electrical device in any building. It protects electrical appliances from damage and more importantly, people from electrical shock.



Product Code


Rated Current


Operating Voltage


Operating Temperature

-25 – 70°C

Modules Number



W 17.5mm, H 83mm, D 70mm

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