Metal Clad RCD Fused Connection Unit BG

  • Colour Coded Terminals With Backed Out Captive Screws For Easy Installation
  • 2 Earth Terminals
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Suitable For Commercial and Industrial Enviroments
  • Flat Profile With Rounded Edges

£21.92 INC VAT

£21.92 INC VAT

British General, MC554RCD. A passive 13 A RCD fused connection unit, 2 gang Switched socket outlet.

Rugged, scratch resistant range. Thus making it suitable for everyday use in commercial and industrial environments.

Continuously monitors the power supply to any electrical appliance hardwired into it. Protects against loose wiring, damaged power cords and water. Cuts off the power within 40 milliseconds if an earth current fault is detected. Therefore providing prevention against a fatal electrical shock.

There are 2 types of RCD – Latching and Non-Latching; also termed active and passive. Both types are accepted by British Standards and it is up to the user to choose the type of RCD most suitable for their application.

NON-LATCHING (active) RCDs switch off when the power to them is turned off. Every time the supply to the RCD is interrupted it will trip and will need to be reset.

LATCHING (passive) RCDs “remember” the state they were in prior to the power being switched off. Therefore no need to reset.


BG Electrical

Product Code


Current Rating

13 A

Material Composition

Metal Clad

Operating Voltage

250V AC

Rated Trip Current



BS 1363 Part 4 & BS 7288


H 81.5mm, W 142mm, D 51mm

Terminal Capacity

3 x 2.5mm² 3 x 4mm² 2 x 6.0mm²

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